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This site is a work in progress. Check it out and know that the next time you come here it will have new pages and updated info. My plan is to have it fully up and running by May 2024. Thank you and I am excited to connect with you!

My goals are to educate on the mind, body and spirit! One of the biggest goals is to help people learn about ingredients that they need to avoid as they create issues in the body. In 1976 the Toxic Substances Control Act grandfathered in 65,000+ ingredients. These toxic ingredients  disrupt our endocrine system (controls hormones, emotions and connects to the immune system) and our environment. I am ready to empower your family and you to remove those ingredients and start to use products with the highest quality ingredients that are backed by the Seed to Seal commitment (go to seedtoseal.com to discover the quality). When I was a kid, I was always sick. My mom found Young Living Essential Oils to help my brother with his night terrors as she was using other oils but they didn’t work as well. The difference is our farms and our commitment to quality. As Young Living is the highest quality essential oils and essential oil infused products. Now that I feel amazing I desire to help others have their best health as it sucks to be constantly sick.

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